Our Latest Patient Testimonial

On my appointment day, my root-canal tooth has inflammation. I called to cancel my appointment within hours of the visit as I am concerned the inflammation may mask the diagnosis, also am concerned my insurance may have a limit on how many visits I have per year. I am retired and worry about my out of pocket expense. Dr. Applebaum not only didn’t charge me no-show fee but also offered to see me for my inflammation “free of charge”. This is highly unusual and one does not encounter too often in any doctor. It shows that he is a caring person, and is more interested in the patient’s health than charging the patient. My wife is also his patient. She has 4 root canal teeth, all had been causing her pain. Dr. Applebaum redo them all. After one year, there is no more problem coming from those teeth. She is very happy with the outcome. Based on the above facts, I have high regard for Dr. Applebaum. Not only he is a experienced and skilled endodontist, he cares more about patient’s health than fees. Today, he offered me free service to treat my tooth inflammation because I was concerned about fee.

- KW L

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